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Iím a woman in midlife and have a lovely life. Great family, good friends, a nice home & a job I enjoy. To the outside world Iím in a good place.

Not many people know that since puberty I have suffered from low mood & anxiety. Through the years I have picked up strategies to help me and have taken my Ď happy pills Ď for the last 8 years. I do however seem to react to my anxiety rather than taken the root cause ...... well I did until I was told about Debra & BWRT.

I was having coffee with some friends and the Southwell Wellbeing Centre had just opened. My friend told me about what Debra could offer and the success she had had with BWRT. It sounded too good to be true but it also sounded like the answer to my prayers. You see I had got into an anxiety rut at work due to an individual and a work space. It was like a scene in a film that kept going over & over in my head plus the particular work space had become a place I dreaded, I felt uncomfortable & unreasonably anxious. I knew that I shouldnít keep feeling like this, Iím pretty level headed, but no matter what I tried just couldnít stop feeling like I did when in that space. BWRT sounded like it could help, but surly it wasnít that simple, there had to be catch ..... right?

After I had mulled it over on the drive home I googled BWRT, it was a real therapy with good results. Soooo I contacted Debra and made an initial appointed. The 30min consultation was to assess my needs and see if she could help and there was a little bit of medical history Debra needed. Nothing too personal though. She made me feel at ease, her friendly manner was genuine and I felt relaxed. Like I had known her for years. After a discussion on what I wanted to achieve Debra came up with a plan of action ...... 1/ half hour session should sort it ....... really !!!! I couldnít believe it. She gave me some new strategies to try and I booked an appointment for the next week.

That was 6 months ago, and I feel amazing with the particular individual and the work space, I canít explain it , I just feel relaxed and happy. Iíve been back again since for another session on a situation where I felt panic and again itís worked.

It has been the best money I have spent in a long time. Debra and BWRT is now in my toolbox of life skills I can call upon to keep me in a good space. Thank you. DF

ďAs a Critical Care Nurse dealing with Covid 19 had made me feel overwhelmed, stressed and anxious.

Front-Line 19 put me in contact with Deborah. From our first conversation we had a real rapport, she really listened to how I was feeling.

Empathetic listening is wonderful, it made me feel lighter just sharing, but she was also able to help me engage in strategies to cope with the stress and anxiety I was suffering and that is what makes the difference. I would recommend this therapy to anyone who is struggling in these strange timesĒ